Printed map of Brugelette entity : OpenStreetMap data and participatory process

Municipality of Brugelette


This map is published as part of the Brugelette Rural Development Operation. It is one of the concretizations of the "Déplacements au fil de la Dendre" project.

It is the result of collaborative work: initiated by the Local Commission for Rural Development (CLDR), financed by the Commune, coordinated by the Rural Foundation of Wallonia, supplemented by citizens (CLDR, CCATM, Maison des Jeunes, Accueil extrascolaire, etc.), and published by Champs libres and Atelier Cartographique.


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Project repositrory


Mapnik, osm2pgsql, CartoCSS, Inkscape


Champs Libres (BE), Spec uloos (BE)